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Across Asia, EMEA, and the Americas, the Fairplay team regularly talks to maritime sector’s top decision-makers about their views on industry developments, their market insights and what underpins their passion for shipping. If there is a decision-maker that you want to us to profile, don’t hesitate to get in touch nicola.good@ihsmarkit.com

News & Analysis

Peter Cremers, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management
25 Jul 2017
One of the most well-known names in ship management, Anglo-Eastern’s executive chairman Peter Cremers speaks about the importance of evolving as a company.
19 Apr 2017
In a year when the Panama Ship Register is marking its 100th anniversary, the country’s maritime minister reflects on the flag’s impressive progress.
Carsten Mortensen, BW Group's CEO.
16 Apr 2017
BW Group chief dismisses talk that shipping is a sunset industry and believes there are opportunities even in the downturn. 
Tim Wickmann
28 Mar 2017
Large chunks of 2016 were miserable for intra-Asia liner operators. But a positive final quarter has given the world’s biggest box trade momentum in the early months of 2017.
Janek Stalmeister, CEO, Tallink
21 Mar 2017
Money mastermind and Tallink CEO Janek Stalmeister talks in numbers about his and his company’s growth and performance.
Patrick Verhoeven ECSA secretary-general
27 Feb 2017
ECSA secretary-general talks to Fairplay about the need for a new 10-year plan for European shipping, the importance of strategy and how his organisation is trying to keep the European Parliament on track with international regulation.