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Across Asia, EMEA, and the Americas, the Fairplay team regularly talks to maritime sector’s top decision-makers about their views on industry developments, their market insights and what underpins their passion for shipping. If there is a decision-maker that you want to us to profile, don’t hesitate to get in touch nicola.good@ihsmarkit.com

News & Analysis

Peter Cremers, Anglo-Eastern Ship Management
25 Jul 2017
One of the most well-known names in ship management, Anglo-Eastern’s executive chairman Peter Cremers speaks about the importance of evolving as a company.
Fritz Heidenreich
07 Jul 2017
Q88 founder Fritz Heidenreich shares his views on start-ups, cyber security and digital standards
Guy Platten
15 Jun 2017
Ensuring that those making political decisions understand the practical ramifications of their policies is a key focus for UK chamber chief executive Guy Platten.
Hemant Pathania, managing director and COO of NYK Shipmanagement, and corporate officer of NYK Line.
22 May 2017
Singapore’s maritime industry faces a labour shortage, but being a maritime hub is much more than being an employer of sailors, says Hemant Pathania, managing director and chief operating officer of NYK Shipmanagement in Singapore. 
Frank Coles
15 May 2017
Transas chief executive Frank Coles cuts to the chase on what he sees as ‘smart’
Mark Jackson replaced Jeremy Penn as CEO of the Baltic Exchange. Credit: The Baltic Exchange
08 May 2017
Mark Jackson, chief executive office of the Baltic Exchange, speaks to Fairplay about the Baltic's acquisition by the Singapore Exchange and possible wins for both.