ExxonMobil Announces Hong Kong MFMS Expansion

ExxonMobil Announces Hong Kong MFMS Expansion

Thu, 11/08/2016

HONG KONG – ExxonMobil has introduced its second independently accredited mass flow metering system (MFMS) in Hong Kong onboard the bunker vessel, Anelly. It follows the introduction of the first independently accredited MFMS in Hong Kong fitted on the barge, Anshing. The expansion will help to meet increased customer demand for fuel deliveries via an accredited MFMS, due to the cost and efficiency benefits.

Both metering systems are fully accredited by Lloyd’s Register, in partnership with A*STAR’s National Metrology Centre, the national measurement institute of Singapore, and Metcore International, a consultancy with expertise in MFMS for bunkering. In line with industry best practice, the technology directly measures fuel mass, instead of volume, to provide an accurate measurement for vessel operators. The system’s seals are validated by independent third parties that enhance traceability and help to ensure system integrity.

The MFMS provides multiple benefits for vessel operators, suppliers and regulatory bodies. These include enhanced accuracy as a result of measuring fuel mass, increased efficiency and reduced uncertainties related to variables including density and temperature. It can save an estimated US$5,0001 and up to three hours2 per delivery alongside improving transparency as measurement data is logged throughout the process.

“Our first mass flow metering system in Hong Kong received a very positive response from customers and has proved to be a great success. This second barge will help to ensure the majority of ExxonMobil fuel deliveries will be supplied via mass flow metering and also cater for larger stem sizes,” said Deepankar Banerjee, ExxonMobil’s Asia Pacific marine fuels sales manager.

“ExxonMobil and Lloyd’s Register continue to work together to increase access to fully accredited mass flow metering system fuel delivery services in Hong Kong,” said Douglas Raitt, Lloyd’s Register Marine’s regional consultancy manager. “Both ExxonMobil systems are independently validated and sealed, which underlines the security of the system versus other non-accredited meters in the market.”

The expansion of independently accredited mass flow metering bunker fuel delivery services into Hong Kong follows its pioneer introduction in Singapore in June 2012. ExxonMobil was the first supplier to deliver marine fuel using a MFMS approved by a port authority. 

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