These are desperate times for South Korean shipbuilding, and it can only be hoped that enforced solutions to financial woes do not involve people turning a blind eye to safety.
Operators were going all out to win over customers at the March TPM event in Long Beach.
The disruptors want shipping to change the way it does business, but the people who work in this industry are deeply attached to the status quo.
Shipping still has a major image problem on Wall Street, and frankly, it deserves it.
With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union treaty framework in 12 months, no one has a clue how it will turn out.
Turning 70 is a milestone in anyone’s book.
The regulation of standards for private maritime security companies remains a difficult issue that few want to take responsibility for
The auto-execution of smart contracts using blockchain is no substitute for human judgement
Shipping still has a major image problem on Wall Street, and frankly, it deserves it. Its accounting is often at odds with reality and its insider deals stubbornly persist.
While technology has chipped away at some of the sector’s inefficiencies, a container’s journey from start to finish remains riddled with antiquated processes and, ultimately, cost.
Shipping must be on its guard as the Year of the Dog starts friendly, but may end with sharp teeth.
Cheap bulk transport is pivotal to globalisation. With newbuilding contracts already rising, shippers can rest assured that bargain rates are destined to continue.
With the advent of autonomous and unmanned vessels, shipping will soon have to tackle ethical dilemmas.
It may make you ‘wannacry’, but the issue of cyber security is firmly on the global agenda. Shipping take note: Business leaders have pinpointed cyber as the risk likely to get worse in 2018.