Much to the chagrin of VLCC owners facing overcapacity, speculative orders in this tanker class continue to pile up. Is it time to get worried?
ABS’s new risk equation means a ship’s cyber vulnerability can be counted, computed, and modelled.
Last month, the shipping industry agreed to an initial path toward cutting greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions by at least 50% by 2050, with a goal of eliminating them entirely by the end of the century.
Japan’s big three shipping companies are refocusing their business activities after merging their box operations
The saying goes, ‘all good things come to an end’ and, after nearly seven years with DPC, my time here
Despite rising global GDP, shipping demand growth could be hit by tariffs, a rebirth of domestic manufacturing, and fallout from new fuel rules and higher capital costs.
Many of the solutions to crew welfare challenges are not rocket science and if we can ensure safe and supportive work environments ashore, we can do the same at sea.
These are desperate times for South Korean shipbuilding, and it can only be hoped that enforced solutions to financial woes do not involve people turning a blind eye to safety.
Operators were going all out to win over customers at the March TPM event in Long Beach.
The disruptors want shipping to change the way it does business, but the people who work in this industry are deeply attached to the status quo.
Shipping still has a major image problem on Wall Street, and frankly, it deserves it.
With the United Kingdom leaving the European Union treaty framework in 12 months, no one has a clue how it will turn out.
Turning 70 is a milestone in anyone’s book.
The regulation of standards for private maritime security companies remains a difficult issue that few want to take responsibility for