Fairplay survey results shows that shipping is discounting the cost of a cyber incident
US equity investors have correctly realised that they can make far higher returns by putting their money to work in industries other than shipping.
Foreign investors always have plans for Africa, but why doesn’t Africa get behind its own vision for the future?
Two recent events - Maersk signing off on final voyage plans for a historic transit of the North Sea Route and lawmakers in Washington, DC, readying the deletion of the US Coast Guard’s (USCG’s) heavy icebreaker programme from the 2019 federal budget - illustrate the opposite direction the United States is heading with respect to other world powers in navigating the future of Arctic shipping.
There is no denying that seafaring is a tough job and crew are required to be highly resilient individuals to deal with long hours, tiring work and months on end away from home.
Zero tolerance on bullying needs to be more than a mantra, and companies must be seen to be taking action
As shipping faces continuous challenges over climate change and renewable energies, there are signs that the innovators are picking up the gauntlet and accepting the challenge.
From the Middle East to Venezuela to global trade politics, the flow of cargo is under pressure, altering shipping patterns
Ownership tie-ups can be good for the drive toward digitalisation but bad for cyber security.
Leading investment banks seem to be reallocating at least some resources away from ocean shipping analysis. That is not a good sign.
More than 60 companies sign up to Women in Maritime pledge within a week of its launch
It has been an eventful first half of the year. Key trends have emerged that have significant implications for the months to come.
Marine insurers can find the good, bad, and ugly when negotiating salvage operations with governments.
some believe that in the long run, carriers’ ability to continue cutting costs, at least unilaterally (that is, in the absence of collaborative cost cutting potentially achievable through blockchain), is hitting its limits.