Maritime finance: The future of public markets

Maritime finance: The future of public markets

Join Fairplay’s Senior Commerce Editor Greg Miller as he looks at how public shipping markets have evolved and where they are going. In the future, will the public shipping field be comprised of consolidated, high market cap, highly liquid sector leaders, or will the industry move away from public listings and revert to its private roots? Will the industry re-attain the healthy access to public equity investors it enjoyed in 2002-7, or will its access remain constricted? These are very important questions for shipowners – whether they are public or private.

Our quarterly shipping finance webcast series will be hosted and led by Fairplay Senior Commerce Editor Greg Miller, a leading journalist with years of experience covering maritime finance, whose analysis of all aspects of the market is widely followed by leading industry players.

Each webcast will kick off with a review of year-to-date maritime finance activity and then move on to a deep-dive quarterly topic.

This webinar took place on the 7 Dec 2016 / 14.00 GMT


Broadcast Date: 
Wednesday 7 December 2016