Trump takes office

On January 20th, 2017, Republican Donald J Trump became the 45th president of the United States after his election triumph over Democrat Hillary Clinton. The unexpected outcome of the November 8 presidential election has raised many questions. In the coming weeks, the Fairplay team will assesses the likely shipping implications.

News & Analysis

Attorney General Jeff Sessions
13 Jun 2017
The Trump administration is once again unravelling Obama-era policy – this time potentially benefiting shipowners in oil dumping cases. 
US president-elect Donald Trump
23 Nov 2016
The win for US president-elect Donald Trump has dealt another blow to the marine insurance market’s confidence in restoring closer business links with Iran.
 China president Xi Jinping
21 Nov 2016
If the US backs away from trade deals under President Trump, China will move quickly to fill the vacuum, experts say.
16 Nov 2016
Interest rates have already risen in the wake of Donald Trump’s election win and are expected to rise further in the years ahead. The question for shipping is: Could escalating interest costs push some borrowers over the brink?
Share trading at the New York Stock Exchange
15 Nov 2016
After the first three days of the post-US-election shipping stock surge, it was hard to believe shares could go higher and trade faster. They did. Volume reached stratospheric levels on the fourth day of what Forbes has dubbed ‘The Donald Trump Shipping Stock Boom’.
11 Nov 2016
Manoeuvring through the global sanctions minefield is always daunting. Donald Trump’s election win has made it even harder, by injecting fresh uncertainty into the sanctions outlooks for Iran, Russia, and Cuba.


No president in recent times has made trade such a high priority and none has had a stated objective of rolling back trade deals rather than expanding them.

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