Trump takes office

On January 20th, 2017, Republican Donald J Trump became the 45th president of the United States after his election triumph over Democrat Hillary Clinton. The unexpected outcome of the November 8 presidential election has raised many questions. In the coming weeks, the Fairplay team will assesses the likely shipping implications.

News & Analysis

12 May 2017
A new joint trade statement by the United States and China points to an easing of tensions and the potential for higher volumes of LNG at sea.
15 Dec 2016
As Donald Trump unveils his cabinet nominations, the regulatory landscape is looking better and better for the American maritime sector.
Image of Wilbur Ross.
30 Nov 2016
US president-elect Donald Trump has officially confirmed that billionaire Wilbur Ross – who has significant holdings in the shipping sector – will be the nominee for secretary of commerce.
Elaine Chao
30 Nov 2016
Former minister with family links to shipping is top pick to head the US Department of Transportation.
US president-elect Donald Trump
23 Nov 2016
The win for US president-elect Donald Trump has dealt another blow to the marine insurance market’s confidence in restoring closer business links with Iran.
 China president Xi Jinping
21 Nov 2016
If the US backs away from trade deals under President Trump, China will move quickly to fill the vacuum, experts say.


No president in recent times has made trade such a high priority and none has had a stated objective of rolling back trade deals rather than expanding them.

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