A landmark referendum over the United Kingdom’s membership of the European Union has ended in victory for those in favour of leaving the EU.

For many in shipping, the Brexit was unexpected. The IHS Fairplay team will been navigating the implications of this milestone move for the maritime industry within the UK and further afield.



News & Analysis

North Club joint managing directors Alan Wilson and Paul Jennings
19 May 2017
The North P&I Club plans to base its new European subsidiary in either Ireland or Luxembourg.
Nigel Farage
12 May 2017
Nigel Farage was part of a panel discussion at the British Insurance Brokers’ Association (BIBA) annual conference in Manchester on the future of the United Kingdom, post its departure from the European Union.
Lloyd's building, London
20 Apr 2017
Marine insurers and P&I clubs in the United Kingdom have been told to prove they are already making plans for a “worse possible” Brexit scenario.
Lloyd's building, London
20 Apr 2017
London enjoys a monopolistic position in the financial services sector and the European Union will not live with a situation of having a financial centre over whose regulation it has no power, Munich Re's Michael Menhard tells Lloyd's event.
Ships move 95% of UK trade, notes UK Chamber of Shipping.
07 Feb 2017
Uncertainties of Brexit acknowledged at UK Chamber of Shipping dinner, but opportunities for shipping are seen too.
Europa managing director Andrew Baxter
27 Jan 2017
The UK government has called on logistics executives to assess the impact that Brexit will have on customs clearance for freight shipments.


Now that we know when the Brexit clock will start ticking, the United Kingdom’s maritime services sector must refine its action plan and ensure it takes a leading role. 

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