Ballast Water: Countdown to 8 September

The Ballast Water Convention will come into force on 8 September 2017, some 13 years after it was adopted at the IMO. The convention seeks to stop the spread of harmful aquatic organisms from one region to another via a ship's ballast water. Singapore and the Bahamas, the most recent parties to ratify the treaty (on 8 June), brought the number of countries party to the convention to 59, representing 65.18% of global shipping tonnage. Given that more than 40,000 ships will have to install ballast water treatment systems, shipowners and operators want insight into the cost and operational implications of complying with the convention.

News & Analysis

Craig Patrick, sales director of ballast water management systems at Wartsila
14 Jun 2017
Wartsila supporting clients to comply with impending regulations as it waits for USCG approval for both its ultraviolet and electrochemical systems.
USCG's Paul Thomas
06 Mar 2017
Misunderstanding by shipowners of previously issued guidance by US regulators on ballast water equipment has led to a new directive outlining a strict policy on obtaining extensions to compliance.
22 Feb 2017
Ships trading in the United States risk penalties similar to those facing a German shipowner for violating American ballast water regulations, P&I insurer Standard Club has warned.
21 Feb 2017
Regulations to reduce air pollution and eliminate invasive species in ballast water could remove enough tanker capacity to boost rates by 2018, according to McQuilling Services.
01 Feb 2017
West Coast marine terminals are trying to defeat state-driven efforts at new ballast water fees that terminals and vessel owners say impede their ability to compete.
26 Jan 2017
Shipowners that want to trade in the United States may have more than three ballast water equipment vendors to choose from by as early as April.


With the clock ticking on the ballast water management convention coming into force, it is to be wondered how many states now have reservations about its acceptance.