Safety & Regulation

US interests involved with Russian shipping could risk sanctions violations if a bipartisan proposal makes it to President Trump's desk. 

multipurpose offshore vessel Hrönn

The fourth industrial revolution is gathering pace and shipping is making its mark with the development of Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) that will be fully operational by 2019. The change is coming and shipping and logistics chains will need to adapt.

Dubai Knight

A Dubai-owned bulk vessel successfully rescued 22 fishermen who survived tropical storm Mora last month, after they managed to cling to their capsized vessels.

Ships at Singapore

Energy efficiency will once again be a hot topic for discussion at the IMO’s MEPC71 (Marine Environment Protection Committee’s 71st session). IMO’s flagship policy for energy efficiency (and by proxy CO2 reduction) is EEDI, but this regulation is fraught with difficulties as the rule flounders in heavy weather.

Stellar Daisy

South Korean ore carrier Polaris Shipping has agreed to despatch a search vessel to the Atlantic Ocean in yet another search-and-rescue operations, believed to be the most intensive search in a 30,000 km2 radius .

Example of HOLISPEC/RCE application

The virtual vessel framework will connect different tools with varying complexity to each other thus enabling concurrent simulations of distinct ship systems and ultimately aims at the simulation of the complete ship system in one framework.

 ETC Mena

A USD1.9 million fine against Thome Ship Management and Egyptian Tanker Company was negotiated before it could test a new Trump policy against community service payments. 

Lars Malm of the Swedish P&I Club

Lars Malm of the Swedish P&I Club says quick and clear co-ordination is vital if shipowners wish to minimise the impact of a major vessel incident.

UK's IMO representative Katy Ware.

Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS) are no longer a thing for the future. The future has already arrived, according to the UK delegation at the IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee 68 (MSC68) meeting held from 716 June, where proposals for a scoping exercise into regulation were approved.

Aleksandr Suvorov bulker

The country’s Ministry of Industry plans to improve fleet safety by prohibiting the use of nearly 3,000 vessels that have served more than 30 years.