Safety & Regulation

As a key component of the global supply chain, the shipping industry is expected to safeguard life and ensure safe operations at sea while protecting the marine environment. Maritime stakeholders must navigate a constantly evolving regulatory framework, driven by technological advancement and geopolitical events, and they require news and analysis on safety and regulation. From codes and conventions determined at the International Maritime Organisation to political moves from Asia, the European Union and the US, insight about the operational and cost impacts of achieving regulatory compliance and the issues affecting enforcement are sought by shipowners, port authorities, shipbuilders and equipment suppliers with many looking to classification societies to support their activities.


ESPO and FEPORT take on European Parliament decision seems to imply that they feel the shipping industry has not yet fully grasped the urgency with which it needs to deal with its emissions problem.

Latest Headlines

Bruce Carnegie-Brown will take on the role in June of this year
23 Feb 2017
Bruce Carnegie-Brown, who succeeeds John Nelson, will be viewed as a solid and safe pair of hands as the market looks to absorb the impact of Brexit.
22 Feb 2017
Ships trading in the United States risk penalties similar to those facing a German shipowner for violating American ballast water regulations, P&I insurer The Standard Club has warned.
The St Lawrence Seaway, pictured here, opens in March.
22 Feb 2017
Low ice coverage means the Seaway opens early this year. Grain and iron expected to lead shipments.
P&I clubs have seen strong support from members during the renewal period.
22 Feb 2017
Marine broker Aon has issued its review of the 20 February P&I renewals and highlighted what it saw as a concerning issue for the market.
21 Feb 2017
Regulations to reduce air pollution and eliminate invasive species in ballast water could remove enough tanker capacity to boost rates by 2018, according to McQuilling Services.
2017 renewal has been characterised both by the continuing loyalty of members and robust negotiation, says Thomas Miller's Hugo Wynn Williams.
21 Feb 2017
Major P&I clubs not imposing a general increase this year. Tough negotiations reported with shipowners despite no increase and premium returns.
21 Feb 2017
One sailor has been shot dead and another six abducted by pirates in the dangerous Sulu Sea off the southern Philippines as concern mounts over the dramatic rise in kidnappings of seafarers in the area.
Deficient crew must be identified at interview stage
19 Feb 2017
The North P&I Club has issued a new guide to its owners which highlights the need for a new approach to the selection and management of crews.
19 Feb 2017
Clubs may be happy with their present lot because profit from mutuals is not the major driver but the level of solvency and reserves remains a contentious issue.
APL Austria caught fire off the South African coast.
17 Feb 2017
Container vessel APL Austria's fire has been extinguished after burning for several days while off the coast of South Africa.