Safety & Regulation

Some say the tanker sector faces a tougher challenge than most in attracting and retaining crew.

The tanker sector is facing a major shortage of qualified officers, fuelled by a spike in new vessels and industry-wide issues with crew training and retention

Beijing is pushing Shanghai (shown) as its maritime insurance hub

China has become the world’s second-biggest marine insurance market, even while most of what has been written has focused instead about the wider global economic shift from west to east.

Jennings: My message to you as brokers is that your clients are our clients.

North of England P&I Club’s (North) annual renewals update in London Paul Jennings told brokers that they needed to approach the renewals with the mindset that the best interests of shipowners was a joint responsibility.

The global shipping industry is considering the best options for complying with the sulphur cap regulations that will be imposed from 2020.

Image of ballast inspection.

The availability of a US-type approved ballast water management system means vessel operators must be more diligent in proving they are still unable to comply with US regulations.

A milestone for ballast water equipment compliance was reached on 2 December when regulators certified equipment for shipowners trading in the United States.

Princess Cruise Lines agreed to plead guilty to seven felonies and pay USD40 million for deliberately dumping untreated oil waste and covering up the crime.

Radhika Menon was the first female winner of the International Maritime Organization Award for Exceptional Bravery at Sea.

Celebrating the winners of this year's International Maritime Organization bravery awards.

Image of Wilbur Ross.

US president-elect Donald Trump has officially confirmed that billionaire Wilbur Ross – who has significant holdings in the shipping sector – will be the nominee for secretary of commerce.

Avoiding another layer of costs for shipowners was part of the rationale for postponing mandatory requirements on cyber-risk management at the IMO.