Safety & Regulation

'Liquefication risk needs to be addressed, says IUMI's Hemme Hammer. Credit: Cefor_933316
P&I Clubs and marine insurers have issued a warning to owners that the danger of cargo liquefaction remains real and have urged that steps are taken to reduce the risk. The Gard P&I club has published new guidance to its membership questioning whether the market fully understands enough about bulk cargoes such as bauxite to be able to successfully ship them from the load port to its final destination.

Psychologist Claire Pekcan co-authored the report
New safety training resources from Intertanko to be published next year could prove useful for ship operators of all ship types and trades. The Information paper on safety management initiatives in shipping, written by psychologists Claire Pekcan, vice-chair of Intertanko’s human element in shipping committee (HEiSC), and Christine Tomlinson, also of HEiSC, is aimed at guiding ship operators through the multiple safety management initiatives on offer.

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Dedicated operational parameters by which ro-pax ships can measure their CO2 emissions under Europe’s upcoming monitoring scheme will be announced by 18 December.

A 41-yr old former Calmac ferry Suilven has reportedly capsized close to the Suva harbour entrance in Fiji. For some years she also served on the Cook Strait on the Wellington-Picton and later the Wellington-Nelson routes.

nuclear fuel
Ship development across all sectors is governed by cost and efficiency, whereas naval designs are driven also by military considerations. The next generation of commercial ships could include nuclear technologies, such as fusion and thorium, which might become associated with onboard generation of almost limitless energy.

A new report identifies the big-picture trends that are seen as critical to improving the performance of the maritime industry’s capital investment, operational efficiencies and long-term business strategies over the next decade.

Le Boreal.
The 264-passenger Le Boreal, operated by French line Ponant, was evacuated on 18 November following an engine room fire while the cruise ship was off the Falkland Islands.

Coal loading
Japan’s Mitsui OSK Lines (MOL) has launched FLIR C2 thermal imaging system to enhance safety of its coal carriers.

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The Baltic and International Maritime Council president has said a widespread threat to shipping from cyber attack is unlikely, but that shipowners must still take precautions to avoid financial and reputational losses.

Odessa Port
Ships calling at ports on the Black Sea will be subjected to a new inspection regime, which should result in fewer inspections. The new system will begin on 1 January and replaces the region’s existing matrix and groups ships into three different profiles: high, medium, and low risk.