Safety & Regulation

A pirate near the port of Hobyo, Somalia
The small port of Hobyo in Galmudug region, northern Somalia, once a haunt of pirates, is to be upgraded for commercial trade.

In the year to the first week of May, 24 seafarers had been kidnapped by pirates operating in the Gulf of Guinea in six separate incidents where they boarded the vessel. Only on two occasions did they fail to kidnap any crew members.

Australian port state control has detained the bulk carrier African Alke in Brisbane after an inspection yesterday found crew were unable to properly operate the vessel's navigation system.

Bunker tanker owners could avoid purchasing millions of dollars worth of equipment if the IMO expands the scope of exemptions within the Ballast Water Management Convention, a major lobbying group asserts.

Fewest claims against Japanese ships – Mitsubishi-Shell LNG shipyard
The Nordic Association of Marine Insurers (CEFOR) of Oslo and several other maritime underwriters in Scandinavia have indicated that claims rose last year, after low 2014 numbers.

 Jan Tilman (Van Oord), Isabel van der Star, and Dr Marcel Veldhuis (MEA-nl). Credit: Bert Visser
For smaller vessels, the cost and space requirements for an infrequently used ballast water management system are not economically justifiable. Now Van Oord and Marine Eco Analytics (MEA-nl) have claimed a breakthrough by creating a system addressing those issues and they believe it could have industry-wide impact.

ynectics’ Synergy 3 centralised command and control platform
At any one time there are more than 100,000 ships at sea, transporting everything we need to function in our daily lives. Maritime transport is by far the most cost-effective way to move goods internationally and, as such, investment in better, larger, and more-efficient carriers has been a trend, resulting in assets of immense cost, scale, and importance.

Long Beach Pier A
The potential link between terrorism and the maritime sector is becoming too strong to ignore for vessel operators and the ports they serve. “When we see the Paris attacks, when we see [the 22 March attacks in] Brussels, everybody perks up around here,” Randy Parsons, director of security for the Port of Long Beach, California, told IHS Fairplay.

Peregrine Storrs-Fox of TT Club.
Government agencies have to provide better information on container-weight compliance or carriers and shippers could face higher supply chain costs, one of the world¹s largest container-sector insurers has warned.