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Malaviya Twenty was detained in Great Yarmouth

The detention of two India-flagged offshore vessels for failure to pay crew wages has raised questions about conditions in the offshore fleet as the industry struggles to survive the downturn.

'Growing disconnect between ship and shore, says MAIB's Steve Clinch

Crew fatigue and the ship-shore disconnect underlie many marine accidents, while relations between MAIB and MCA have been strengthened by a recent office move. 

Shipowners on hand for this week’s MEPC 70 meeting at the IMO have one major goal in mind: to leave London with realistic time frames for complying with costly new environmental regulations.

A makeover is under way in Gujarat as a handful of shipbreakers are cleaning up the inter-tidal zone to ensure it is free of ship materials and safer for their workers

The US Coast Guard has asked three ballast water equipment manufacturers to submit additional information to their pending applications which will likely delay a US type-approved system long-awaited by shipowners.

current pricing failed to factor in the threat of major losses despite the hard lessons learned from the explosions at the port of Tianjin

Marine insurers have been warned they are 'playing a dangerous game' as they continue to hunt market share at prices which continue to fall.

Picture Dave Matcham CEO IUA

The marine insurance sector was the major loser in 2015 as it fell from the second biggest class of underwriting to third place, having been overtaken by liability business for the year – and Brexit has the potential to put billions of pounds of premium at risk.

Robert Lewis-Manning, BC Chamber of Shipping

Vessel owners are keeping a close watch on how the Canadian government plans to roll out a ban on crude tankers along British Columbia’s north coast and the precedent it could set for other regions.

Maratha Paramount was detained because the crew were allegedly not paid

Bulk carrier Maratha Paramount sailed out of the Australian port of Gladstone on 10 October after a three-day detention for failure to pay crew wages.

Dryad chief operating officer Ian Millen

Overall the level of maritime attacks had continued to fall but Gulf of Guinea remains a hotspot, Dryad Maritime's Ian Millen tells IHS Fairplay