Safety & Regulation

Section of VDU showing share price data

Insurer Zurich and the Atlantic Council have issued research that models how a rise in protectionism, an oil crisis because of Middle East conflict, and water scarcity may influence the global society and economy between now and 2035.

I once asked the CEO of a major classification society what he understood by the word ‘Smart’, which was the buzz phrase

An explosion on the dry bulk carrier Tamar while it crossed the Atlantic has killed two and injured three, the US Coast Guard reported on 25 April.

Francesco Schettino

Francesco Schettino is appealing against the 16-year prison sentence imposed on him in February 2015 for his role in the sinking of Costa Concordia which led to the deaths of 32 people.

Ship recycling at Alang

The Maersk group caused controversy when it announced a year ago that it planned to send some of its ships for recycling in Alang despite concerns about the standards applied by companies operating there.

Lloyd's building, London

Marine insurers and P&I clubs in the United Kingdom have been told to prove they are already making plans for a “worse possible” Brexit scenario.

Lloyd's building, London

London enjoys a monopolistic position in the financial services sector and the European Union will not live with a situation of having a financial centre over whose regulation it has no power, Munich Re's Michael Menhard tells Lloyd's event.

In a year when the Panama Ship Register is marking its 100th anniversary, the country’s maritime minister reflects on the flag’s impressive progress.

Crew carry out fire drill

Fire safety is at the top of the list of reasons foreign vessels are detained in the United States, while illegal oil dumping persists.

Stellar Daisy

Polaris Shipping refutes claims that its Stellar Cosmo is heading for repairs for technical issues after the shipping company comes under fire in the wake of its missing ore carrier Stellar Daisy in the Atlantic Ocean on 31 March.