Safety & Regulation

two-stroke main engine cylinder liner showing cat fine damage.
Changes to ISO fuel standard 821’s paragraphs 5 and 6 that govern fuel quality could remove the protection previously offered to fuel users, with experts warning that tolerance levels of harmful contaminants are being raised to unacceptable levels.

Suspected Somali pirates continue to hold 26 crew members for ransom.
Attacks have declined but violence against crew has escalated, according to the ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB).

Rena after hitting Astrolabe Reef en route to Tauranga, New Zealand, in October 2011
The growing demands of both governments and the public when it comes to major maritime losses have the potential to have the biggest impact on wreck recovery efforts.

Indonesia-flagged tanker Kapuas caught fire off Belitung in Indonesia, injuring two of its 16-member crew that were taken to a hospital in nearby Manggar for medical attention.

Sonar equipment deployed during the initial El Faro recovery mission.
Investigators moved a step closer to finding out what may have led to the sinking of ro-ro vessel El Faro with the discovery of its voyage data recorder on 26 April.

IMO action on sewage in the Baltic sea will protect seafood and fisheries
The Baltic Sea will be protected from passenger ship sewage from 2021 under a new IMO decision.

Singapore maritime college graduates
A roundup of training news from IHS Safety at Sea.

Vessel with smoke coming from stern
The effect that the slide in oil prices and corresponding market downturn is having on the vessel services industry is nowhere more apparent than at Port Fourchon, Louisiana, which is considered ground zero for US maritime services operators.

SOLAS requirements for all vessels to carry portable radios for firefighting become mandatory in two years, but many owners are still not kitted up