Ports are the principal gateways for around 90% of world trade. From bulk cargoes, oil and containers to more specialist items, ports connects the cargo carried on ships with the producers of raw and finished goods and the end users, or consumers. As ship sizes increase, global port facilities must expand or upgrade their infrastructure and equipment to keep pace. Keeping track of port news, insight and data helps maritime stakeholders identify who stands to win or lose as trade patterns evolve.


Shipping is a servant of trade, and so is the port sector. None of the British port operators are in a position to invest in their future until there is much greater clarity about what that trade would look like.

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Barcelona port stands to be affected by the impending strikes.
23 Feb 2017
The dockers plan to strike three days a week between 6 March and 24 March after the government decided to vote through a decree containing its changes to dock labour proposals.
23 Feb 2017
APM Terminals said it was increasing the amount of its investment in upgrades at the Port of New York and New Jersey ahead of the completion of the raising of a bridge that will allow larger vessels to call at its Port Elizabeth terminal.
22 Feb 2017
Terminal operators can expect downward pressure on tariffs to continue in certain markets over the course of 2017, according to the new CEO of APMT.
Infracapital is investing in four Italian terminal, including Voltri.
22 Feb 2017
Infracapital and its French partner InfraVia have bought Italy's Gruppo Investimenti Portuali and through that investment will go into partnership with the Port of Singapore Authority and Mediterranean Shipping Co.
“We tell them we can look closely at service development and improvement but don’t squeeze us on the rate," Gerry Yim, CEO, HPH Trust.
21 Feb 2017
Yim tells Fairplay that Hong Kong is not at risk of losing services when the new alliance structures take effect in April, but that the split of business within the port itself could be adjusted.
Hyundai Merchant Marine
16 Feb 2017
With this acquisition, HMM has secured four of Hanjin Shipping's terminals - TTI Long Beach, Algeciras, Tokyo and Kaohsiung.
Containers at Valencia
16 Feb 2017
Three days of national strike action due to kick off next week has been called off after the Spanish government postpones plans to publish a decree dismantling Spain’s current dock labour scheme.
16 Feb 2017
China’s central government has indicated to Hong Kong that a full relaxation of the mainland’s cabotage laws was not currently planned.
Dredging the Elbe waterway would allow Hamburg handle the largest fully loaded vessels at any time.
15 Feb 2017
Strong growth in the second half of 2016 supported a recovery in full-year container volumes and revenue for Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA).