Analysis suggests the payback on a scrubber installation, which can run as high as USD6 million per vessel, could be just a few years.
The fact that AVs are now on the IMO agenda is a positive step towards the development of the legal and regulatory framework necessary for their safe operation.
Nautilus International hopes that calling out seafarer of abandonment as modern-day slave labour will help to bring sub-standard shipowners to justice
People should stop complaining that IT kills jobs and start recognising the opportunities provided by technology, according to Giampiero Soncini, director marine division, Volaris Group.
Making guidelines mandatory, or issuing new regulations, may not have to be levied onto the industry as soon as some predict.
Without knowing whether it will come  ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ shipping remains apprehensive
The Petya malware attack looks set to have a far-reaching impact, not just for Maersk and its profits but for the industry as a whole.
Power wielded by government regulators over the environmental issues to be discussed at MEPC 71 will be justified if shipowner investments can tackle the problems.
The maritime industry has arrived at the threshold of a new age – that of the unmanned ship.
Organisations must take responsibility and action on cyber security or they will end up being a case study from which others learn 
Incentives to scrap ships have been mooted in the past but they do not tend to work.
Has someone just discovered the holy grail of shipping, a business model that pays off big no matter what happens to rates or asset values?
Digitalisation of shipping is clearly happening, according to Emanuele Ravano, managing director of the Switzerland-based shipbroker IFCHOR.
As the debate over environmental compliance raged at Nor-Shipping, one man is confident his battery will influence how it all shakes out.