OPEC Secretary-General Mohamed Sanusi Barkindo told delegates at International Petroleum Week in London that the oil industry cannot afford to see investment levels fall for a third year in a row.
ESPO and FEPORT take on European Parliament decision seems to imply that they feel the shipping industry has not yet fully grasped the urgency with which it needs to deal with its emissions problem.
Automation and innovation in shipping will become a reality, whether we like it or not. But workers will fight for their jobs, as seen in the threatened Spanish dockers strike.
The maritime industry has still has some way to go in digital innovation.
It’s tempting to see Maersk Line’s almost USD2.7 billion slide in profit from 2014-2016 as merely the result of external factors but that isn’t the case. Skou’s determination to invest in “more vessels and terminals in 2017” led to an increase in container capacity of almost 10% between end-2015 and end-2016, and there are still 27 newbuildings due for delivery
Providing security for vessels transiting dangerous parts of the world continues to pose a complex challenge, Peter Cook highlights.
Shipping is a servant of trade, and so is the port sector. None of the British port operators are in a position to invest in their future until there is much greater clarity about what that trade would look like.
The future of business is taking shape – and it is a vision that is remarkably divergent from the current model of global shipping. 
Nautilus International general secretary Mark Dickinson says seafarers are ready to embrace new technology.
It's time to focus more on the ever-present scourge of corruption afflicting the shipping industry.
No president in recent times has made trade such a high priority and none has had a stated objective of rolling back trade deals rather than expanding them.
Shipping is safer than it used to be, and the facts bear this out, despite what some Twitter uses may say.
More debate analysing the risks that are faced by humanity on a global scale are planned in Davos, Switzerland, between 17-20 January. The latest Global Risks report produced by the World Economic Forum was discussed in Central London, yesterday, with an expert panel giving their analysis of the key risks we face. But, there was an elephant in the room that no-one wanted to mention.
The maritime industry needs a better balance between fast and slow news of trade talks, vessel ordering, and pricing.