Dubai-based global port and freezone operator DP World is in discussions with the Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) for a multibillion-dollar port infrastructure development close to Lagos.

Chemroad Journey

More than 30,000 tonnes of chemicals and fuel oil could leak into waters off Vietnam after Japanese chemical tanker Chemroad Journey ran aground en route from Singapore to China. 

Gorgon LNG terminal

The focus of LNG shipping market toward Asia Pacific has been highlighted by the diplomatic crisis engulfing Qatar as demand is expected to grow in China, India, and South Korea.

Stellar Daisy

South Korean ore carrier and the world’s largest VLOC owner Polaris Shipping has delayed its IPO again in the wake of the Stellar Daisy sinking on 31 March.

DSME shipyard

Cash-strapped DSME is expected to be acquired by either Hyundai Heavy Industries or Samsung Heavy Industries in 2018 as the South Korean government seeks to reorganise the shipbuilding sector to have only two dominant shipbuilders in the country.

Incidents such as fires or collisions can be caused by cyber attacks. Credit: Mammoet Salvage/Dennis Brouwe

Shipping needs to take emerging cyber-physical threats seriously

Patrick Verhoeven

ECSA has renewed its offer to work with the European Union institutions to draw up a new EU shipping strategy for 20192028.

Port of Algeciras

Another meeting of Spanish dockers and terminal operators will take place in an effort to prevent a first 48-hour national strike halting activity at Spanish ports.

Once the placement has been approved, the company would have 35 million shares, each with a face value of NOK10.

Nijinsky, a fully refrigerated gas carrier, is part of Petredec's fleet. Credit: Dietmar Hasenpusch

Petredec and Bidvest are jointly developing an LPG import terminal at Richards Bay, South Africa. The facility will have 22,600 tonnes in storage capacity and will be operational from 4Q 2019.