Front Cecilie.

Shipping analysts interviewed by Reuters said present low asset values complicate the picture in case of an potential acquisition, but also noted that the tanker industry remains ripe for consolidation and that this would be a good point in the business cycle to strike such a deal.

VLCC under construction

Some 27 VLCCs ordered between January and May 2017 represent the highest level of crude carrier orders in eight years.

Ole B Hjertaker, CEO of Ship Finance Management

The lifespan of ships is being reduced by market conditions, technological developments, and even preferences of owners.

Paul Thomas, the US Coast Guard’s Assistant Commandant for Prevention Policy.

The maritime sector may find it more difficult to keep cyber guidelines voluntary after the attack against Maersk.

Maersk has confirmed that its systems have been hit by a cyber-attack.

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Accident on Dieppe

International event calls for IMO Guidelines to be enshrined in law to protect seafarers' rights during investigations of maritime accidents.

Research by a third officer has shed light on how second-hand smoke can negatively affect crew’s health and ability to perform routine tasks.

STX O&S Jinhae shipyard.

Shipbuilder STX Offshore & Shipbuilding has applied to the courts to revert to restructuring under its creditors' guidance.

Hyundai Heavy Industries' Ulsan yard.

Industrial action planned by Hyundai Heavy Industries unions as wage talks remain deadlocked.

SM Line

In just a few months, new container shipping entrant SM Line has bought 20 vessels as it competes with the larger carriers and alliances.

ship crew on bridge

Leading ship managers suggest it is time to train for technological advances and rethink the remit of the superintendent.

China Merchants Energy Shipping is to acquire stakes in four Sinotrans & CSC subsidiaries

China Merchants Energy Shipping announced that it has issued new shares to acquire stakes in four Sinotrans & CSC subsidiaries.

The South Korean ore-carrying vessel, Stellar Daisy

Mourning Stellar Daisy families want all Korean owners of converted ore carriers to inspect their vessels.